Cooperate with us. With your support we can help vulnerable people have a hope & a future

Homeless People

A place for homeless people to come to.

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Vulnerable Children

Assisting young people to be socially integrated & employed.

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Abused Women

Extensive assístance for victims of domestic violence.

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Enabling immigrants in the process of being integrated into society.

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Vulnerable Elderly People

Improving the quality of life of the elderly who are struggling financially.

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Evicted People

Providing accomodation for evicted people, both young & old.

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The Adintre Association is made up of a group of people who jointly undertake the altruistic work of caring for the most needy.

We believe that if everyone could give just 5 minutes of their time each day to help others the world would be a much better place in which to live. For this reason, the Adintre Association takes action.

One of our tasks in the cities of Fuengirola and Mijas is to feed the people who most need it. Apart from supporting more than 700 adults and children with food, we also distribute clothes and medicines to those who cannot afford them.

We look after victims of abuse, old folk without income, adults and children of families at risk of social exclusion, immigrants, those who have been evicted from their homes and we attend to people with reduced mobility. In all things we offer a dose of affection that all these people deserve.

Our Director, Joyce Gyimah, has been working in this area for many years. Many volunteers have offered to help and more will come in the future.

From 2012 the Junta de Andalucia gave us the official status of an official non-profit organisation in the Register of Andalusian Associations number 10181, Section 1.
ADINTRE (Andalusian Integration)


Become a voluteer. Give us some of your free time. We need the help of volunteers to be able to develop our projects & activities. Give of yourself freely to help others. We need you for your sensitivity towards others, your DIY & handywork skills, your organisational skills.

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With a periodic, voluntary donation you can become a partner of ADINTRE ONG. With your choice of amount, time period & type of payment, etc…

Become a member
You can help us as a one-time offer, be it financially of materially. You can make a donation via paypal or through our bank account &/or you can donate books, clothes, shoes, school materials, toys, musical instruments, etc.

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Let us know your doubts or queries. Tell us about your experiences. Give us your suggestions. Let us open a dialogue of solidarity between us where everyone is free to express their opinions, suggestions, advice, cautions & support.

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