The ADINTRE Association, inscribed in the Andalusian Register of Associations, represented by its President, Joyce Gyimah, is a self financing, non profit organisation which concerns itself with the most disadvataged people on the Costa del Sol. It has been undertaking activities to cover the basic needs of the groups with the least means at their disposal for more than 10 years.

We support the homeless, victims of domestic violence, the elderly without means, children and adolescents from families at risk of social exclusion, immigrants, victims of eviction and people with reduced mobility. Above all, we offer a dose of affection to all those who need it.

The Adintre Association is made up of a group of volunteers who come together for the selfless task of caring for the most needy.


Homeless People

A place for homeless people to come to.

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Vulnerable Children

Assisting young people to be socially integrated & employed.

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Abused Women

Extensive assístance for victims of domestic violence.

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Enabling immigrants in the process of being integrated into society.

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Vulnerable Elderly People

Mejorar la calidad de vida de las personas mayores con recursos limitados.

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Evicted People

Providing accomodation for evicted people, both young & old.

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