Please give us your support. Your support will enable us to give vulnerable people a hope & a future.

You can support in various ways:


Become a voluteer. Give us some of your free time. We need the help of volunteers to be able to develop our projects & activities. Give of yourself freely to help others. We need you for your sensitivity towards others, your DIY & handywork skills, your organisational skills.

Become a voluteer
With a periodic, voluntary donation you can become a partner of ADINTRE ONG. With your choice of amount, time period & type of payment, etc…

Become a member
You can help us as a one-time offer, be it financially of materially. You can make a donation via paypal or through our bank account &/or you can donate books, clothes, shoes, school materials, toys, musical instruments, etc.

Make a donation
Cooperate with us shopping in our online store.

Online shop
Let us know your doubts or queries. Tell us about your experiences. Give us your suggestions. Let us open a dialogue of solidarity between us where everyone is free to express their opinions, suggestions, advice, cautions & support.

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